Forest Ambulance Service, Inc.
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About Forest Ambulance Service, Inc.

Mission Statement

Forest Ambulance Service, Inc. shall concentrate its endeavors to serve its valued customers and the community with: Focus on innovation, Strive for the highest quality service at the lowest price, Endeavor to provide a worthwhile work experience, Ethically conduct its business affairs, and Effectively market its strengths and innovations to maximize exposure to its customers, competitors, and its industry.

Quality begins with the initial customer contact and continues through efficient, effective processing of service calls; provided on time and without defect.

History of Forest Ambulance

We are a family-owned small business minority enterprise, proudly celebrating over 30 years of professional ambulance transportation and public service in Richmond, Virginia and surrounding counties. We are licensed to transport patients who require both basic and advanced life support functions.

We started in 1984 with one ambulance, and three employees, two of which were the founding owners and who continue to operate and assist the organization. We have been open every day since, operating 24 hours and 365 days each year.

Our Fleet

We have a fleet of seven ambulances each licensed for Advanced Life Support (ALS) ground transportation, and are proud to offer many specialized services to better help the needs of the sick and injured within the Richmond metropolitan area and surrounding localities.

We are one of the few ambulance agencies within the Richmond, VA area to be able to offer our customers unique services and equipment to include the highest grade industry standard ventilators for our critical care ventilator dependent patients as well as the industry standard in bariatric stretchers. Additionally, we have invested in a custom designed ambulance to perform critical care and bariatric services to provide the best comfort for our patients.

We try to always place a focus on the needs of our customers and patients and invest in new equipment and innovative technologies to help meet the highest standards of patient care.